A different look at cancer

Until recently, cancer in China was called a “cold disease”. According to some research in 80% of all cases cancer is caused by cold energy in the particular area of body. This cold energy prevents normal circulation of energy in that area of the body, and normal body cells that Continue Reading

The right way to treat cancer…

Found this video on YouTube(below)… Now here is the right way to treat cancer… And it shows the power of chi kung (often also spelled as qi gong). Now I’m not saying I can do it, but I’m not saying I cannot do than neither – would have to find Continue Reading

Stories of two cancer patients

I’d like to start with a little preamble. I need to mention, that Western Medicine was introduced in China a while ago, and growing in popularity as it is heavily advertised. As a result, in most Chinese cities there are some hospitals that practice only Western Medicine, others practice only Continue Reading

Often bladder infections – how to cure?

So I had a client yesterday. Her main complain was that she was having urine bladder infections quite often, and she already went through a few rounds of antibiotics. But infections were just coming back. She also mentioned that she had that nagging “pressure” pain at the bottom of left Continue Reading