Chinese Image Therapy, or Chinese Image Medicine, is a medical/energy healing part of Zhong Yuan QiGong, an ancient Chinese Qi Gong school that is 7,000 years old. Until recent times this Qi Gong school, as well as Image Therapy was known by only selected few. With recent movements it became widely known and accepted around the world.

So why it’s called Image Therapy? The reason it got this name is because during diagnosis a practitioner gets an image of patient’s health. It’s like a whole body scan that shows areas where attention is needed.

Let’s look at Western Medicine. How does it determine if person is healthy? Well, we all know that if patient’s body temperature is within 36.5 – 37.5C – this is considered an acceptable range and in this case we say that person has normal temperature. So Western Medicine is based on standards, and there is a standard range for the body temperature that is accepted as healthy state. The same is true for blood test, as for each parameter there is an acceptable range of values, and if reading is within the range – the reading is considered normal and person is considered to be healthy by that test.

Image Therapy works the same way, it has a standard image of the healthy body. What is it? It is a clear image. Clear image here means an absence of disease. When practitioner does not see or feel any abnormalities – that means there are no “bad” energy or blocks in energy flow in the body, and a patient is considered healthy.

But what if the image received during diagnosis is not clear, what if practitioner can feel energy blocks or heat or cold energy in the body?

Let’s look at the picture on the right. When Image Therapy practitioner receives body image like person on the left in the picture, he or she can make a diagnosis that the patient has abnormal energy in the head. Then there is a minor issue with thyroid as there are a few darker spots in the neck area, and there is a “connection” between that energy in the head and bad energy in thyroid, as there is a thin dotted line between the two. Looking further practitioner notices that there is also bad energy in the heart area, and connection between thyroid and heart problems.

Here I don’t mean “bad” energy as something negative, there is really no good or bad energy, it’s just energy. Here I call “bad” energy as in incorrect energy for given organ or system. Let me give you another example, not related to the picture on the right. When a person is angry for a very long time, and anger energy is related to the liver, that liver energy can get into person’s head and cause a headache. It does not mean that liver energy is bad, it’s in fact very good for the liver, it just was moved into the place where it’s causing some health issues for the patient. The best treatment in this case is actually not to remove liver energy from the body, but move it back to the liver.

So let’s get back to our patient in the picture. What is needed to be done here to get patient back to healthy state? In this case practitioner, using one or more methods of Image Therapy, needs to remove “bad” energy from the head, thyroid and heart (or move them to correct organ that those energies may belong to), as well as remove corresponding connections. This process will clear patient’s image, and during diagnostic at the end of the session practitioner should receive a clear image, as shown on the right person in the picture. As clear image means healthy person, we know that patient’s energy was restored.

Now what happens next? Well, it all depends on the severity of patient’s condition. In light cases one treatment is all that is needed, patient may notice that pain is completely gone, and can go about his or her life without pain. In other cases, especially when disease was in the body for a long time, at next assessment, practitioner may receive a different image, where some “bad” energy shows up again, but lighter and fewer spots. It could be that connections are now gone, but the spots on the head and heart are still there, just smaller and fewer. In this case practitioner needs to work on cleaning up those areas of “bad” energy to again get a clear image at the end of the session.

And why are those spots coming back you may ask? There may be different reasons for that. In one case, let’s say a person got into argument with his family, an issue was never resolved, and he is now always angry at them, cannot forgive them or something like that. Anger affects energy of the liver, so let’s say that Image Therapy practitioner clears up all the bad energy from the liver and gets a clear image of the person. If person keeps getting angry at his family, keep often thinking about that problem, this will again cause an energy block in the liver. So at next assessment practitioner will again see a problem with the liver, and now patient may get angry and the practitioner as he does not understand this relationship between negative thoughts and energy blocks. That’s why as part of assessment Image Therapy practitioner needs to get a full picture of patients health, including emotional (or informational) health. As was described in The Model of Life article, Image Therapy looks at every person as a combination of 3 parts – physical body, energy and informational system (conscience, emotions, or soul/spirit), and the goal is to get all 3 parts in balance, as they all interconnected and affect each other.

So let’s say we cleared an energy image. What happens to the body now? As we know, most tissues in our body regenerate every 3 months, so if a disease lasted a long time and manifested itself not just on energy level, but also in physical body, there will be a 3 month lag from the time when all the energy problems are cleared and the body is completely restored to healthy state.