Believe it or not, there are people who go to bathroom 5, 6 or even more times per night. Can you imagine the quality of sleep you would get, if you have to go to the bathroom 6 times per night? You would never really get any deep sleep, would never get your energy level restored, would feel tired in the morning, and there is a whole day still ahead of you…

Now I’m not 100% sure how Western Medicine treats this. I believe treatment options are very limited, in most cases patient will have a bladder infection in this case, so that’s what will get treated. But that’s treating the symptom and not a cause, and will bring only partial relief.

So what is the view of Chinese Image Therapy on this problem? We believe it’s a connection or communication problem between Kidneys and Heart/Brain, it can be easily treated by Image Therapy, and patient can sleep soundly with only one or 2 bathroom visits a night after just a few treatment sessions, in most cases 2 or 3, sometimes even after first session.

What exactly do I mean by communication problem here? Here is what suppose to happen at night from Image Therapy’s point of view. At night Brain should send a signal to Kidneys that body needs rest, so Kidneys should go into “night mode”, work very lightly to not fill Bladder quickly, and to make sure that Bladder is filled only by the morning, but not before that. In this mode a person can sleep soundly whole night without any bathroom calls. But what if that communication is broken and Kidneys never receive “work easy” signal? You got it, they work full power and fill Bladder quite often, hence the often bathroom visits. And when communication issue is resolved – Kidneys work on “night mode” at night, and person can get a good night sleep and wake up full of energy and look forward to another busy day.


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