Human body is a well-built machine. It can survive a lot of stress we put on it day in and day out, and still continues to function to it’s best abilities.

Some organs have their twins, like two lungs and two kidneys. And some organs can perform functions of other organs should original “performers” of the task become unable to carry it on due to illness.

So what is all this has to do with loose stools? The thing is, large intestine can assume some of the work for water elimination from the body when kidneys are malfunctioning and unable to perform up to the requirements. In this case, instead of absorbing as much water from the remains of the food, large intestine skips this function. Thus reducing a workload required from the kidneys, and giving kidneys much needed break.

So next time you get a diarrhea, or what you think is diarrhea, after eating a watermelon or drinking a lot of water – ask yourself, are your kidneys in need of little attention?

Yours in health,