Every few months at night I’d wake up from a pain in my calf. I’d wiggle my ankle and after ten seconds or so the pain would go away. I figured it’s a muscle cramp, I’m not getting enough calcium or magnesium or some other vitamins, so I’d take some supplements. But in couple months this will happen again, and then again, and again.

bladder meridian running on the back the the calf
bladder meridian running through the calf

Then one night when I woke up from a pain in my calf, I decided I’m not going to do anything about it, I’ll hold it through this pain. I’m not going to lie to you, the pain was pretty strong and hardly manageable, I had to make every effort not to scream. But after about two minutes the pain was gone. And I felt really good.

So what happened here from the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Image Therapy? That pain in my calf wasn’t really a muscle cramp. You see, when we sleep at night our body recharges and gains energy to sustain us for the next day. So when energy levels get pretty high, they will start pushing on the blocks in energy channels, thus causing the pain. It looks like I had a block in Urine Bladder meridian, which affected my kidneys and bladder, making them work not that well.

So next time you wake up at night from a cramp in your leg – try not to move and just hold through the pain. And if you manage to hold till the pain is gone – that will likely be the last time that cramp will wake you up. And as an extra bonus you will also enjoy your kidneys and bladder working better then before.

Yours in health,